Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kanye goes wild, turkey-wing homo

What in the blue fuck???

Alright, you know what…?



I will always give Kanye West his props for successfully carving out a niche for himself as an emo-rapper in the gun clap-happy world of hip-hop. A healthy, if not obnoxious, coalescence of hubris, raw musical talent and spirited drive has helped him traverse the elusive mainstream/underground balance.

Though I probably wouldn’t go out and have a beer with the guy, I am one Kanye fan and apologist.

But he keeps pushing the envelope, seeing how far he can descend into his genre- (gender?) bending persona. The latest result is "Love Lockdown," the new single from his upcoming fourth album 808’s & Heartbreak, due out in December. I listened to the song performed at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, and all I could muster was a huge, audible groan.

You’ll hear that the song is entirely devoid of any real rapping – something ‘Ye has arguably not even mastered yet – and replaced by singing that is best described as a syphilitic rhesus monkey tossed in a blender. I’m not entirely sure where and when this trend of rappers singing came about, but it seems to be metastasizing into a full-blown virus reminiscent of the shiny-suit era: even Jay-Z is in on it.

Cats on the net are saying that 808’s & Heartbreak will be a heavily sung album; with Kanye utilizing that goddamn vocoder that everyone and their baby’s mama have co-opted since that talentless nadbag T-Pain revived it to fuel his useless career. Maybe the inspiration for the new album is derived from a combination of his mother’s widely publicized death and the breakup of his engagement, both which happened earlier this year.

Trust me…I know what it’s like to go bitch when times are hard, but the public to listen to this music as well. He’s got three solid projects in the can, and something tells me he might finally brick this one. But agonizingly enough, he’s got my attention.

Let’s see how the rest of the album pans out.


Joey said...

That fucking song is just a disaster. This is a bad pattern for Kanye: make something cool (Dropout, Graduation), buy into your own hype, follow up with bullshit (Registration, Love Lockdown). Fuck.

Joey said...

P.S. "Music from the Color Purple" is my shit. Black Milk is fucking awesome.

Vernal said...

Don't front, you'd wipe down Kanye's balls with moist towelettes to go get him to allow you to accompany him for a beer.