Monday, November 3, 2008

Viva La Hova

I will forever reflect upon 2008 for a great many reasons – not the least of which is a true awakening to the merits of alternative rock music. I’ve always listened to it to a small extent, but this year I’ve really opened up the genre for the first time; checking out all these bands’ entire catalogs for the first time and appreciating music I never thought would ever stimulate me.

It all snowballed from Coldplay. Before I even started touching other acts, I had the group’s whole damn catalog. Something about their lush instrumentation and Chris Martin’s bleeding heart falsetto reaches out to my emotional faculties on the strength.

I’ve learned that many, many rappers and rap fans also appreciate all things Coldplay, so it comes as no surprise that a DJ would eventually create something like Viva La Hova, on which the always-capable Mick Boogie partnered with Terry Urban to mesh the sounds of Coldplay with the lyrics of the Jiggaman.

Viva La Hova is worth a listen to anyone who likes hip-hop, but will be especially appreciated by enthusiasts of both artists. If you appreciate their proper pairing – Kingdom Come’s “Beach Chair” – then you’ll dig the blending and instrumentation on this compilation. Don’t come looking for new Hove verses – they’re all jacked from previous albums (probably a good thing).

I’m normally extremely averse to genre crossings, but cuts like “What If We Cry?” (a blend of “What If?” and “Song Cry”) and “Public Speeding” (“High Speed” and “Public Service Announcement”) make me wonder what other rock-hop pairings would sound like. Nas and Radiohead? Common and Death Cab for Cutie?

Hopefully this will start a trend. And hopefully the trend won’t suck donkey balls.

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Kyle said...

I made it through 17 tracks before I could take a full breath. Jay-Z and Coldplay (and Mick Boogie and Terry Urban...and all of the producers involved) pulled a coup with this one. Hova's been ahead of the game when it comes to mash-ups, and I always wondered why more artists didn't follow his lead (aside from the dick-riding stigma). Collision Course wasn't bad, and Danger Mouse set the world on fire with The Grey Album, so there's just something about Jay's flow and rock/alt rock grooves. They just fit so well. Who else could pull it off so flawlessly? What two acts are big enough that could shake up the world like Jay and Coldplay? Nas and the Foo Fighters? Dre' Three-Stacks and Chris Cornell? Ghostface and Incubus? I'm sure two artists could do a track together .. Busta's got a track with Linkin Park floating out there .. but who could have their music catalog seamlessly blended together in such a way as to create an entire album?

I'm with you, though. Let's see more of this. The creativity of the producers behind this to make it happen is mind-boggling...