Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Silver lining in the Mind Control cloud...?

I'm still not exactly hype about Common's upcoming Universal Mind Control album, considering his inspiration for it and the leaked material to date. But this new joint, Gladiator, actually bangs pretty hard and inspired the beginning of my workout today. I know the album is gonna at least be mostly produced by the Neptunes, so if this beat belongs to Pharrell and Chad, my hats off; it's their hardest since Busta's "Call the Ambulance."

Still not that excited, but I know there'll at least be one dope cut.

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Sam said...

I dunno man. That beat is pretty busy and distorted for me. You gotta know what you're doing if you want to make a busy beat like Pree-mo (i.e. playtawin) AND make it sound good. If you can't make a busy beat- perfect simplicity. Use GZA for inspiration (i.e. "Fame") or Dr. Octagon (i.e. Wild & Crazy). Summary: not digging it. Not like I have any place to be criticizing beats anyways...